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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  February 17, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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we are. >> what was the most fun part of today? >> all of it. >> nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. i want to thank you so much for sharing your morning with us. we have so much more ahead on "cnn sunday morning" for you which starts right now. good morning to you, i'm christi paul in for randi kaye. 7:00 on the east coast and 4:00 on the west. are you up early or just getting to bed? either way, we're glad for your company. thanks for starting your morning with us here. want to begin with this weather, again, another round of severe stuff in the northeast, just a week after last weekend's monst monster blizzard. want to bring in cnn weather center meteorologist samantha mohr. let's talk about exactly where they're going to see more snow and how much is the accumulation going to be? >> same spots in new england across the northeast, but not like last weekend. not as much snow, but we will
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see blowing snow and it is a mess across much of new england this morning and even down in the carolinas because we saw the low move through here yesterday and we ended up seeing some thundersnow across here. now, that has ended but we are concerned about the moisture on the ground, the subfreezing temperatures, black ice possible. watch those overpasses. watch the bridges. they'll most likely be frozen this morning as you head out and it could be very slick and black ice is very hard to see. that's why it's called black ice. be careful out there across the carolinas this morning. that advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. now, our eyes turn to new england where the heavy snow is coming down as we speak from eastern long island on up into down east maine. we'll continue to see the heavy snow and blowing snow today. so, we're expecting to see the snow pile up in plymouth and five to nine inches expected. boston a half foot or snow and then that heavy snow extending
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to maine. winter storm warnings here and then on up the coast, we're talking about blizzard warnings. that means limited visibility, less than a quarter of a mile. so, basically, down to zero in some spots. the problem, the culprit, these gusty winds caused by that deepening area of low pressure. so, we're going to continue to see those gusts to 50 miles per hour through tonight and still tomorrow morning on the gusty side on monday morning, president's day morning around 35 miles per hour in boston. look at the wind chill factors here in the single digits and down below in some of these spots. boston currently at 5 degrees. bundle up there. it's not just the northeast. check out florida. these are the current wind chill factors. it feels like 23 in jacksonville. 25 in ocala and even down in the southern tip of florida right now. it is close to freezing here and ft. pierce at 44 degrees, christi. put away the bikinis and layer
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it up in south florida today. >> at least for the time being. sam, so good to see you. thank you. that snow causing trouble in detroit. want to show you pictures we're getting out. this blinding whiteout that led to this pileup. the good thing is, no immediate reports of fatalities, but we know 44 vehicles collided on interstate 75. heavy snow squalls closed stretches of i-94 and other roads, as well. listen to this couple, they were caught in the middle of this i-75 smash up. >> it was just like somebody suddenly threw a white sheet across the windshield and we couldn't see anything. >> more cars you could hear them smashing into each other. >> everybody behind us. just one after another banging. >> sam talked about the northeast, but little further south in north carolina, the snow has stopped falling, we know, for the most part and there is the threat as she mentioned of the black ice. snow blanketed areas like
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fayetteville yesterday and you know how quickly it was coming down. made for a pretty sloshy drive around town. this morning the state is seeing 91 of its counties under a weather alert. some churches are delaying services, as well. let's get you to vatican city and pope benedict's farewell tour. in it he thanked the faithful there their prayers and called for prayers for the next pope, as well. this is one of the last public appearances he's going to make. on the other end, though, it's audition day for some of his possible successors. so, the end maybe of his reign and beginning of another. speaking to congregations around the world today. right now from rome ben wedemen. let's start with pope benedict, ben. how will he spend his last 11 days as pope? >> well, we know that once he's done with this angelus mass he will go into a lenten retreat
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for a week. this is one of the normal rituals of the lenten period that leads to, of course, easter. during that time, he will be in this retreat when prayer and contemplation with other leading bishops and cardinals. now, it's important to keep in mind that the election for the pope is not like the election in most places. it's a very solemn affair and the cardinals, the bishops, they talk about the qualities they would like to see in a pope. but it's very bad taste for anybody to actually campaign actively. usually they leave it up to others to do so. so, that's going to be, obviously, one of the topics during this lenten retreat. the pope after that will resume his normal activities. he'll be, for instance, next saturday meeting with the italian president and, of course, a week from now will be his last mass. today we saw a very large crowd
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in st. peter's square. we are expecting an even larger crowd next sunday when people will really have their last opportunity to say good-bye to pope benedict before he resigns on the 28th of february. christi? >> you know, you mentioned the next pope and the qualities that they're going to be looking for. what specifically is at the top of the list for the next pope, in terms of what is on the wish list? >> well, certainly, on the wish list would be probably to get the church back to the business of faith and to put behind it many of these scandals that have really been a headache not only for this pope, but pope john paul ii, as well. the question of the pedophile scandals, the ongoing financial problems or complications or scandals of the vatican bank, which had a new president appointed on this last friday.
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obviously, there's a lot of talk about the changing nature of the catholic church. today, only one in four catholics lives in europe. most live in north america, south america, asia and africa. so, really, it's going to be a time for the church to redefine itself looking towards those areas where its numbers are growing. christi? >> going to be interesting to see if they choose a pope that is european or perhaps of another heritage. thank you, ben wedemen, we appreciate you bringing us the latest from rome there. coming up in our 8:00 hour, we'll look at the intrigue and the secrecy in the church, as well as hollywood's obsession with the vatican. so, i want to get you to washington now. take a look at this live picture of one beautiful sunrise. good morning to all of you waking up in that in d.c. and you know what else, folks are waking up to a first draft of the president's immigration plan.
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"usa today" reporting that the draft includes an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. we understand there is also increases in border security and an expansion of the e-verify system in this draft. in the senate, the so-called group of eight are working toward concrete legislation on immigration. so, white house spokesman said the president's plan is a way forward, if congress fails to act. okay, to south africa now where people aren't sure of what to make of this new reality show featuring the slain girlfriend of oscar pistorius. the show did make its debut last night as pistorius sits in jail waiting for his bond hearing on tuesday. >> reporter: listen to the first words south africans heard from reeva steenkamp after her death at the home of her boyfriend, oscar pistorius. >> you fall in love being in love with love. >> reporter: this is how her lighthearted reality show began
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